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Funny Aprons for Your Day's Fun

How do you make aprons into funny aprons? Well, first of all, you need to know who likes aprons in the first place. Some might think that aprons are only used by women but actually there are plenty of men who use aprons too. Remember, most of the first-class hotels and restaurants have male chefs so these are the types of people who need to use aprons as part of their trade. But, funny aprons are quite innovative isn't it?


The problem with trying to market funny aprons as really funny stuffs is that what makes it funny to one person does not have to count as funny to another. So you need to be extra careful about humor, in case someone gets offended by your little joke. But how do you go about marketing your funny aprons as really funny stuff the safer way? More so, stick to jokes that chefs or cooks really would find funny?


For one, you could have a picture in the front of your funny apron showing a cook licking the ladle of a near-empty pot. Add some good stuffs or messages emblazoned under that picture saying "Chef's Privilege." Most people who cook on a regular basis could probably identify with such funny aprons as really funny stuff. Or, a picture of two chefs looking puzzled as to what some herb bottles are saying, then another picture under that showing one chef dumping the contents into a huge pot and saying to the other chef "Take a chance  life is short!"? Wouldn't that be really funny without being offensive? How about this one: a picture of a chef in a Superman outfit, busy cooking? Again, add some message then under it saying "Even Superman has to eat sometime."


You see, some funny aprons express our frustration at how hard it is to cook some dishes. Take this one: a chef scratching his head and frowning as he reads a cookbook. This could be accompanied by a message saying "Sometimes, learning to cook is like learning to read a foreign language" then followed by another picture showing the same chef consulting a dictionary. Here's another one: a chef lugs around a big basket full of golf balls and another chef asks him "What are those for?" The first chef then answers "It takes a lot of balls to cook the way I do."


For animal advocates on the other hand, it would probably haul you to court for breaking animal cruelty laws with this. But a really funny joke would show a chef holding a squawling cat by the tail over a boiling pot, then telling his junior cook "it's a chef thing, you wouldn't understand."

Consider the chefs' darker side teasers, and some funny aprons can express this portrayal using a funny apron showing a chef hiding a huge butcher knife behind his back and telling the world "Just agree with everything I say, okay?" As you can see, the really funny stuff has to be creative without being crude. To be funny or create funny aprons, you need wit and a working knowledge of the travails that all cooks and chefs go through  that will help you think up really funny stuff to place on your funny aprons.

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