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Polar Fleece Blanket

If you are looking for information on polar fleece blankets, then you have come to the right place. Here, we will discuss what polar fleece actually is, some of its uses, and what you can do with it.


Polar fleece blankets or fleece in general is as synthetic wool fiber, which is napped (meaning it is soft and fuzzy). Polar fleece blankets are well renowned for having very similar properties to wool, but at a fraction of the weight.


Not only are polar fleece blankets very popular but you will find products, such as, fleece jackets, fleece scarves, fleece hats, fleece sweaters and gym clothes. Fleece products are often preferred by vegans as an alternative to animal byproducts (in this case wool).


Polar fleece blankets are relatively inexpensive, and yet highly versatile and durable. Some of the advantages of polar fleece blankets are, it is very soft and very comfortable, it has a luxurious look and a rich texture, and it is considered to be environmentally friendly as it can be made from recycled products, and last but not least it is easy care and energy-efficient (washes in cold water and to dries very quickly.


As with all pluses, there are sometimes minuses. In this case some of the disadvantages of using fleece products are that they could be damaged in high temperatures when washing. The fleece fabric does not absorb moisture as well as natural fibers such as wool or cotton (which can lead to you feeling clammy and hot). It has a tendency to gather static electricity quite readily, which of course can give you a little shock.


However we honestly think that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and that a polar fleece blanket is ideal gift or accompaniment to any household simply because of its versatility. The fashion industry has taken a huge liking to fleece as can been seen in the number of outdoor products that have been made utilizing fleece.


A polar fleece blanket is very easy to make, I would ask that you read a couple of our articles if you are looking to make one for yourself, friends or family. A polar fleece blanket can easily be made without the need of sewing (this is known as a no sew fleece blanket), and it can be easily made by young or old.


As you have read a polar fleece blanket can only be of benefit to any family. It can easily keep you warm on the coldest nights, while keeping you cool on the warmer nights.



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