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· How long have you been in...
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  Faq hot spots
     • [Faq Knowledge] How to place an order?
     • [Faq Knowledge] How long have you been in business?
     • [Faq Knowledge] What is the best way to order by phone,&...
     • [Faq Knowledge] How can I track my order?
     • [Faq Knowledge] Is there a setup fee?
     • [Faq Knowledge] What's included in the prices?
     • [Faq Knowledge] How long does it take for your personalized&n...
     • [Faq Knowledge] Can I cancel order?
     • [Faq Knowledge] What are these extra stitches in my design?
     • [Faq Knowledge] How many colors do I get in my embroider...
     • [Faq Knowledge] Returns & Cancellations
     • [Faq Knowledge] Can I have anything embroidered on a hat?
     • [Faq Knowledge] Can I order something different than the stan...
     • [Faq Knowledge] What format artwork I need to provide?
     • [Faq Knowledge] Can I provide my own logo to be used&nbs...
     • [Faq Knowledge] Will my hat be screen printed or embroidered?
     • [Faq Knowledge] Is side embroidery available?
     • [Faq Knowledge] Will the embroidery be raised or flat?
     • [Faq Knowledge] What if I order different color blankets that...
     • [Faq Knowledge] Are fleece throws going to keep me warm ...
     • [Faq Knowledge] How accurate are the colors of the hats ...
     • [Faq Knowledge] What Payment Methods are accepted?
     • [Faq Knowledge] Do you guarantee your work
     • [Faq Knowledge] Where are you located?
     • [Faq Knowledge] How is my order packaged?
     • [Faq Knowledge] What are the most popular color choices?
     • [Faq Knowledge] How long does it take to make and receiv...
     • [Faq Knowledge] Do you use embroidery or Printing?
     • [Faq Knowledge] Embroidery.
     • [Faq Knowledge] Do samples have to be paid for?
     • [Faq Knowledge] Shipping.
     • [Faq Knowledge] Artwork.
     • [Faq Knowledge] Is safe to provide credit card information?
     • [Faq Knowledge] Set up.
     • [Faq Knowledge] Production Time.
     • [Faq Knowledge] Products we offer.
     • [Faq Knowledge] How do I pay for my orders?
     • [Faq Knowledge] Minimum Quantity
     • [Faq Knowledge] Account Security
     • [Faq Knowledge] Order Approval Steps
     • [Faq Knowledge] How To Place Order
     • [Faq Knowledge] Payment Options
     • [Faq Knowledge] Rush Service
     • [Faq Knowledge] What format should I submit my Art?
     • [Faq Knowledge] Random Sample
     • [Faq Knowledge] is coming soon.
     • [Faq Knowledge] Welcome to Promo-Supplier.
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