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The knowledge of caps

The various functions of caps are for thermal, rain, shade and, specifically, matching apparel.It is an unusual topic to learn the selection of caps.

First, and the most important, we need to choose the right caps to match our faces. For example, a person with round (square) faces should not wear a dome hat as it will reflect a big face with a small hat. Likewise, people with other shapes of faces should find caps to match the faces appropriately.

Second, we should choose caps according to our heights. Tall people should not wear small hat, or will look light to upper part of the body and heavy to the lower. Short people should do the opposite.  Short ladies should not wear caps with flat top and wide rim that will make them become ?‘γshorter?‘ΐ. It is wise to wear caps with matching apparel, to avoid weaknesses for a better appeal. Even if you are satisfied, but need to consider other people?‘₯s decency. The matching of caps with apparel is kind of thing to be substantiated. A hat should have a style and color to go along with the clothing, scarves, gloves and even shoes. Ladies wear glasses, do not wear the top with complex floral hat, the hat should not cover the forehead, and should be higher, so you can show grace and casual elegance.

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