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Embroidered Military Caps

Embroidered military caps are some of the more favorite caps that are worn both and the military and out of it.  There are any numbers of these caps out there, all of which are made with specs from the military.  It is very rare that you will be able to just go out and set your own style or design for these types of calls.

Embroidered military caps are usually made with rank and unit insignias embroidered into them although there are many others that you can find.  The embroidery stands out and makes the cap stand out.  The unit can often be embroidered in many diff colors but the rank is usually only solid colors.  In some cases the rank is shown on the cap and in other cased it is either on the side or in the front or not on the cap at all.  It all depends on the military unit you are with and serving.   They do tend to be different from group to group.

Of course your military has every right to boast a bit and if their embroidered military caps does it for them then so be it.  It is a great way for them to stand out while still having what you would consider part of a uniform. With so little option in uniform wear you know that having something a bit special to wear is important and easy to understand. Of course these groups would want something to help them stand out a bit and these types of caps do that for them.  It is hard to be in the military but pride is a big thing and that includes pride in the uniform.

The embroidered military caps are a bit difficult to find on the open market. They aren't usually for the general public and are specific to the military. However you can find them in military surplus stores if you look around.  They might not be the real thing but they will look close.   Make sure you don't disregard these important symbolic hats when you wear them.  People fight hard for the right to wear them.

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