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The uses of tea towels

Now there are many different tea Towels in the market.  And many people choose the different tea towels that they like.  But wether did you know the uses of the tea towels? If you want to know, you can read about below.

The graphic nature of most of today's tea towels makes them a perfect substitute for place mats, table runners for your next table setting.

Use your tea towel instead of a paper towel to dry your freshly washed salad greens.

Tuck one in your belt or the waist of your pants and voila, instant apron.

Double up your tea towel and you have a fashion pot holder for whatever delicious goodies are coming out of your oven.

As gifts for our holiday party hosts have been a hot topic, why not wrap a bottle of wine in a tea towel for a great double duty gift. Drink the wine, use the tea towel to dry the wine glasses later.

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