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The history of scarves

No matter winter or summer, many people like buying scarves. Thus it can be seen, it has already a fashiomable trend. In fact the scarves have a long history.

Scarves have been around since ancient times. There are many various forms of scarves and all of it has one thing in common; it serves to warm the body. In the olden times, scarves are worn not because it is a fashion statement, but because of its functionality. Scarves are commonly wrapped around the neck for cold climates. However, for warm climates, such as the Middle East, scarves are worn around the head down to the neck to protect the face from dust and also because of religious purposes.

However, in the 20th century where fashion is fast becoming an epidemic, almost everyone is wearing scarves not because its functionality but because it makes a great fashion statement. Scarves are worn by powerful businesswomen down to the teenagers. Scarves are extended not only to women but also to men. The evolution of scarves comes into full circle because it is inexpensive chic accessory and also a handy travel buddy.

Continuously to the present the essentials in women's wardrobe are key pieces all applicable to wear on any occasion. One of which is the scarf, a garment or a clothing everybody should invest on. Finding unique and colorful pieces are ways to express a person his or her personality.

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