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The types of leather golves

Nowadays appeared many types of leather golves in the market. Many ladies like them . They often used them for different purposes. So the leather becomes very popular .their types also becomes more and more. For example black leather gloves w Fox, Brussels stitch leather gloves, classic black leather and so on.

Black leather gloves w Fox: This is an ultra soft leather glove. Wrists Fox is the specialty of thin. Leather black fox and black trim is good for use with a dress. You gloves are available in three sizes - small, medium and large.

Brussels Stitch Leather Gloves: The gloves can be used to attend meetings, parties, meals or such opportunities. The ultra soft leather gloves in the list of ladies gloves favorite. The seams of Brussels offers the ladies of war all day and night and also congratulate all the colors. These gloves are available in three sizes ?ĄěC small, mediumnd large.

Classic black leather : what are the 8 button length gloves long and are available in different colors. The silk lining the more attractive. These can be worn day and night. They are available by six different as small, medium, large and extra large.

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