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How  to match the scarf(2)

Although the pink is the young female student equally lovable color, but the ripe females have not kept them out . This section of pink's scarf content is quite rich, at the same time is the pure light brown leopard grain, at the same time is the riotous flowers and plants design and the nigger-brown leopard grain is mixed. Light pink woman charming and gentle incisive development, but the big piece's leopard grain has revealed woman sex appeal one side.

The bright orange color breaks the winter to sink darkly, ingenious contrasts the young blood with deep color clothes matching. The zebra grain is one of tidal current beastly grain designs, the rough line, for the human the  bold feeling, optional building perhaps careful encircles on the neck, is very graceful moving.

Dark blue and white interaction stripe ultra big scarf, fashionable and graceful perfect fusion. May when the shawl may also when the scarf, the both sides contraction design looks like clothes' edge very much, collection leisure and nous in a body, very hundred matching designs.



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