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Using Fire Blankets In Times Of Need

Generally, a fire blanket is a specially safety device that is designed to extinguish any fire that is rather small. It is consisted of fire retardant materials when placed over fire, has the ability to extinguish it. In the case of building establishments, larger fire blankets are more appropriate.

These larger fire blankets are often made of wool and can easily be stored in any compartment inside the building premises. Moreover, the fire blanket does not only act as a fire eliminating device, but it can also serve as a protective sheet while escaping. A fire blanket can be draped over a person's body so when escaping a burning building, he or she can be protected from catching fire. Also, the fire blanket can extinguish fire from a person whose clothes are burning.

A fire is dangerous enemy of any building establishment. It not only destroys its properties but it also endangers the lives of its occupants. At times fire can happen in an instant, without the people occupying the building ever knowing it. When a fire ignites, it needs four things to stay in combustion. These are heat, fuel, oxygen and a continuous chemical chain reaction. What the fire blanket does is that it rids the fire of any or all of these four things, making the fire much more vulnerable to elimination. Even at different positions or angles, the fire blankets purpose is to extinguish the fire from any oxygen present, making it less likely to spread out.

In using a fire blanket, make sure that your hands are placed at the right positions. Having the wrong position may mean that your hands may get burned during the process of fire elimination. For proper hand placement, the fire blanket must be folded around the hands in order to protect them from the heat that the fire emits.

Making sure that your building establishment has the proper fire fighting devices is essential in ensuring your employees that they are in a safe premise. Moreover, having these fire fighting devices increases your chances of saving both your life and the lives of your employees in case a fire indeed breaks out. Although much simpler than any other devices, the fire blanket has its own efficiency in extinguishing fire and making sure that it does not spread to a larger scale.

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