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Types of wristbands

There are a range of wristbands like Tyvek, Vinyl, Party, tab, silicone, Tex-tag, ixtreme and snap wristbands. Tyvek wristbands are cheap and simple. These bands are useful for entry control and visitor management. Since it is made up of spun polyethylene, it looks and feels like paper. These bands are durable and ideal for events which last less than a day. There are different types of tyvek wristbands available online like printed, patterned, bar-coded etc.


Some of the important features of printed bands are it is lightweight, non-transferable, individually numbered, detachable tab and easy to wear. Patterned tyvek wristbands are the same as ordinary tyvek wristbands. Patterned bands are popular for children?s activities, events and parties. These are comfortable, easy to wear, non-transferable and individually numbered. Barcoded wristbands offer one of the highest levels of security to either tyvek or vinyl wristbands. By printing a unique barcode and number to each band one can easily prevent the band being reused since scanning will immediately identify whether the band has already been presented. Other benefits of bands include it can gather data on visitor movements or used as a pre-paid voucher for rides or similar activities. Barcodes are printed on solid colors or it can be combined with text and logo.


Vinyl wristbands have a long life and comfortable to wear. These bands are available in wide face or ?L? shape format. It has a better security level than tyvek wristbands because it is attached to a secure clip which one fastened cannot be opened. If a person wants to remove the band it has to cut it off! Features of these bands are it is durable, long lasting and has an adjustable strap. Other types of vinyl wristbands are printed, Numbered, VIP bands, Barcoded etc.


There is another type of band i.e. ixtreme wristbands. Ixtreme bands are ideal for access passes or even gig guides. These bands require high level of security and nobody can copy it. Some of the features of this band are it is 3D animation, reverse side printing, custom made shaped bands, detachable stub and images can swirl or zoom out of the wristband. Silicone wristbands are fashionable and cool. It is used for fundraising purpose, for promotion, in schools etc. You can design your own wristband because they are available in various colors. Different types of silicone bands are they are debossed, embossed, printed, glow-in-the dark and glitter.

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